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Carpet Cleaning

The Multi Step Cleaning System

Upon introduction, you and our carpet cleaning technician will engage in a “pre-cleaning inspection” of your serviceable areas. Our objective is to ensure that in addition to giving you an overall great experience, that we also focus on any problem areas and ensure that any specific concerns that you have are addressed in advance of the carpet cleaning service. We are guests in your home and every home is different. We need your input to provide you with the best possible service.

Your CitrusWow! technician will pretreat all areas, not just traffic areas and stains. We use only homesafe citrus-based products that effectively clean and deodorize.

We move and put back most furniture. Please remove all small breakables before we arrive. We ask that any furniture left in the room be left in its original position. We have a system for furniture movement that works well for CitrusWow!.

Upon completion of the pretreatment process, your CitrusWow!! carpet cleaning technician will commence a full, complete hot water extraction with a powerful truck mounted unit to remove embedded soil and stains. A complete freshwater rinse removes contaminants and residue from your carpet and upholstery. All that is left is fresh clean material with no chemical residues. All types of cleaners claim to be the best, however, we only use equipment and techniques recommended by the worlds largest carpet manufacturers.

Any moved furniture will be placed on protective plastic pads or foam blocks. Please do not move or replace these items until the carpets are completely dry.