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Upholstery Cleaning

CitrusWow! uses only homesafe upholstery cleaning products. Upholstered furniture is available in a wide array of fabric and material. Your CitrusWow! technician will identify your fabric during your pre-cleaning inspection. There are specific techniques required to properly clean individual materials. CitrusWow!’s certified technicians are not only trained, but experienced in all aspects of upholstery cleaning.

We do not charge specialty cleaning fees as we believe that you are qualified to clean furniture or you are not. Its as simple as that and we assure you, we are fully qualified. Upon completion our technician will ask you to participate in a post cleaning inspection to ensure that you are completely satisfied. Most materials benefit from an application of upholstery protectant. An application or reapplication of protectant would be the final step in your service if applicable.

Due to the cleaning characteristics of rayon and silk, these are items that we do not service.