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Pet Odour Cleaning

Pet odour is more common than you may think. Most of us have a cat or dog. We realize that accidents happen. These types of stains are unsightly and unsanitary. If not treated immediately, this type of soiling can alter the appearance of your carpet and upholstery permanently. Pet urine and oils promote the growth of bacteria and germs and contact with these areas can quickly become a serious health concern.

If your problem originates from pet odour or urine odour, CitrusWow! has the solution. Our pet odour removal service effectively removes pet and urine odour from upholstery and carpeted flooring systems.

Your CitrusWow! technician will treat your carpet with our homesafe pet odour removal solutions in advance of our multi step cleaning system. Addressing these areas in advance allows our product to encapsulate the entire effected area with our specialized solution. After we have treated the affected area, your technician will continue with our multi step cleaning system ensuring the best possible results.